A Web Site of Our Own

Word Technology has been in business for nine months now, but I’ve only now rolled out our Web site.  What’s with that?

Not to make excuses, but I’ve been too busy working for my clients to spend much time on my own Web site.  That’s a good thing! I’ve created comprehensive content and implemented SEO for three businesses – City Lights New YorkKathleen A. Mary, and Plus 3 Interactive.  I’ve written proposals for business clients and consulted on a grant proposal for the non-profit organization, Maine Energy Education Program. I’ve also submitted a couple proposals to provide services on various web projects, one of which I’ve just started working on.

Oh, and I edited a 400+ page manuscript, which is now on its way to publication. More on that later.

In between projects, I’ve written content for WordTechnology.com and worked closely with Inclusive Studios on their design and development of the Word Technology site.  Many thanks to Inclusive Studios for great design and excellent customer service!

Meanwhile, I’ve got to cut this short. There’s work to be done! Thanks for reading, and drop me a line some time.