MEEP Wins Energy Grant

I’m pleased to announce some good news: The Maine Energy Education Program (MEEP) has won a $150,000 Schools for Energy Efficiency (SEE) grant. Word Technology supported MEEP’s grant proposal for this important project, which will be carried out in our area. I’m delighted to see the practice of sustainability taking root in our schools.

Schools for Energy Efficiency Grant

Awarded by the government agency, Efficiency Maine, the grant will enable MEEP to coordinate and monitor the Schools for Energy Efficiency (SEE) program. Under the 5-year program, MEEP will provide Maine school districts with training, materials, and support so that staff and students learn new behaviors that save energy and reduce energy costs.

MEEP will also provide initial funding of $7,000 to each participating school district to implement the program. The district will repay the funds from the energy savings accrued over the course of the school year.

Across the U.S., nearly 600 schools – kindergarten through grade 12 – have implemented the SEE program, with savings of over $22 million over five years. It is anticipated that large districts in Maine could save up to $100,000 through implementation of energy efficiency measures over a 5-year period. MEEP is the first non-profit organization to win a grant to carry out the SEE program.

Maine Energy Education Programs for Kids

SEE is one of several initiatives conducted by MEEP. The organization works with Maine school children and teachers to raise interest in energy sources, energy conservation, alternative modes of transportation, and outdoor air quality. The students enjoy a range of energy activities that are fun and practical. All activities are experiential, such as learning to make electricity with an apple and monitoring electricity usage in the classroom.

“We’re all about empowering kids,” says Peter Zack, Director of MEEP. “It’s very empowering for kids to make a difference. In Lebanon, Maine, kids found out that room occupancy sensors could reduce energy consumption in their school. The kids wrote a grant application and won funding to install the sensors in each classroom.”

Since MEEP’s beginning in 2007, increasing numbers of students have benefitted from the program, including over 12,000 students in 2010. MEEP receives funding from government, non-profit, and charitable sources.

Efficiency Maine Sponsorship

Efficiency Maine was established by the Maine state legislature to save energy, reduce energy costs, help the environment, and promote sustainable economic development in the state. The organization supports training and assistance to Maine residents, businesses, and schools. It also funds renewable energy projects in the state.