Content Development

Five Steps to Effective Web Content

Before we write a single word of content, we learn about your business, your customers, and your business themes.

We research your industry and competitors. We develop a marketing strategy that fits your business. And we develop a user-centered architecture for your content. Search engine optimization (SEO) is built into your Web content from the beginning.

Word Technology Content Development

1 Build Client Profile

We start by interviewing you so we may understand your business model, your goals, and your achievements. We want to understand your customers, too, and why they choose you to provide them with products and services. Our goal for your Web site is to highlight the advantage your business brings to your customers.

2 Research and Strategy

Research is vital to quality content development. We explore your industry and learn your position in it. We discover what your competitors are saying on their Web sites. We conduct in-depth research to find the right keywords to attract customers, as well as search engines, to your site. Then we develop the content architecture, with an eye to marketing impact and usability.

3 Focused Content

We develop targeted written and visual content in order to increase the time your potential customer spends on the Web site. We spotlight your business’s best features and infuse the content with your themes. We show why clients need your products and services, with the goal of increasing your client conversions.

4 Search Engine Optimization

While designing content that attracts customers, we also make content stand out to search engines through a variety of current techniques and best practices. We tailor the complexities of SEO to your business. We understand that well-designed SEO not only connects with search engines but also helps new customers easily find your site. For more information, see Web Marketing/Search Engine Optimization.

5 Quality Web Site

The quality of the work we deliver to you is important to Word Technology. Once we have drafted the content of your site, we submit it to you for review feedback. Collaborating with you to create a quality Web site, we will revise the content as needed. We know that your well-written Web content is positive demonstration to potential customers of the quality you offer them through your business. Please contact us for more information.