Internet Marketing

Attract Customers and Search Engines
to your Web Site

Internet marketing has the aim of drawing customers to your site. Unlike your Web content, internet marketing is mostly invisible, focusing on tools and techniques to increase visitor traffic. Search engine optimization (SEO) and keyword research are central to successful internet marketing through your Web site. Word Technology provides initial and ongoing SEO for our clients.

Word Technology Internet Marketing


We work with you to understand your business, your industry, and your competition. Information is key to successful marketing.


Careful selection of keywords brings traffic to your site. Keyword research includes investigation of successful keywords on similar sites and keywords that are specifically relevant to your site.


We help shape your Web marketing strategy through our analysis of keywords, patterns of search on the Web, and search engine algorithms.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

For effective SEO, we position keywords within the content and code of your Web site. SEO also includes link building, Web site analysis, and more. SEO must be performed on an ongoing basis to keep your Web site delivering clients to your business.


Analysis of your Web site statistics over time indicates whether your marketing strategy is working or needs to be refined. On an ongoing basis, we monitor the effectiveness of your keywords and Google AdWords for effectiveness.


Based on the results of monitoring, we research, test and update the site with alternative keywords, and track customer conversions.

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