Proposal Writing

Exceptional Proposal Writing brings you New Business

Writing a proposal is both an exacting science and an art. The business proposal or grant proposal must be concise and yet convincing, straightforward while expressing complexity. Most of all, it must convince the prospective client that your company or organization is the best choice for them.

We have proven experience writing winning proposals in the corporate world. We want to use these skills to help you win new business.

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Step 1: Analysis

We strive to understand your business and the advantage you bring to a potential customer. We work to understand what your customer needs and why they should accept your proposal – not the proposal of your competitor.

Step 2: Research

We conduct in-depth research into your customer’s business, their request for proposal (RFP), and the ways you can support their business. We also research the strengths, weaknesses, and proposal strategy of your competitors. We then develop a proposal architecture which convincingly addresses the RFP and the customer’s needs.

Step 3: Create Content

We create content that focuses on the customer’s requirements and your ability to deliver high quality products and services. We support this theme with graphical content which clearly illustrates your proposed work. Layout of the document is clear and professional.

Step 4: Quality Assurance

To provide accuracy and quality you will have the opportunity to review the draft proposal we’ve written, and we will revise accordingly. We emphasize this step because your proposal is evidence of the quality you will deliver to your customer.

Learn how we can support your business through writing successful proposals.